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Universalism is Dead, Long Live Universalism

Rev. Brian Ferguson

Universalism was the fifth largest denomination in the U.S during the 19th Century but dwindled significantly throughout the 20th century and merged with the Unitarian movement in 1961. Some people say Universalism has been insignificant since it is addressing a question no one has been asking for the last 100 years. Perhaps. Others say that Universalism has a vibrant message that points the way forward for our Liberal Religion in the 21st century. Really? This service will explore the possibility that both of these answers are correct.

Our Stories

Betsy-Gelb-2015Here’s the point: one reason many of us look to this congregation is to help us consider questions we never before considered and won’t think about in any other context. Covenant groups, monthly gatherings to talk, listen, and get to know a group of one’s fellow Emersonians, offer that chance.