Outreach Grants from the Emerson Endowment Fund

In October 2014 the Emerson membership passed a resolution establishing an Outreach Fund within the Endowment Fund. Decisions on recipients of Outreach dollars are made by the congregationally elected Outreach Committee of five Emerson members. After several months of planning and research, the Outreach Committee has extended grants to two worthy organizations, each of which encourages and enables the availability of health care to all Texans.

1. Texas Impact
A two-year Emerson Outreach pledge jump-started a statewide campaign to enlist faith communities throughout Texas to enhance the future of health care in our state. “If you are a poor and uninsured resident,” stated a Houston Chronicle editorial, “Texas is terrible for your state of health.” We thought: Well, what can one church do? The obvious answer: Join with others, through Texas Impact, an Austin-based consortium of religious congregations working to educate the Texas Legislature. Use the “people power” of many faiths to communicate with legislators, and to provide materials to the leadership of those congregations to explain how their commitment to health care for all Texans matters. The campaign is called ABOVE POLITICS: Health Care for All Texans.
Emerson pledged $50,000 as a two-year commitment to fund this effort, joined by a $100,000 grant from the Episcopal Health Foundation. Texas Impact is working with other faith groups to obtain additional funding and support. On the weekend of November 18-20, 2016, Emerson will join with religious congregations of all faiths across the state to celebrate health care for all Texans. For details, see AbovePolitics website.

2. Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast
An Outreach grant of $25,000, with additional support from Emerson congregants, enabled Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast to launch Reaching Beyond Our Walls, a Faith Leaders Outreach Program, to continue a comprehensive communications strategy promoting programs focused on women’s health.