Children & Youth
Welcome from Director of Religious Education Katy Carpman

Children and youth at Emerson know that they are unique and wonderful and LOVED. Our members have a wide range of backgrounds and beliefs, and we know we all can learn from one another.

We proudly provide liberal religious education, creating opportunities for our children and youth to ask questions, hear stories, and be joyful with each other. We teach the values and stories of many religions—as well as our own unique heritage—and how each person’s gifts are important to our world.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

A Message From Our Minister Rev. Dr. Becky Edmiston-Lange
The Emerson congregation doesn’t just like kids—it cherishes them—from the minute they arrive and throughout their journey as they grow into and explore their world. Since we do cherish them, and the world is very complex, we are intent on providing an outstanding program for our children and youth. Our kids deserve our very best efforts at equipping them with a moral and spiritual foundation that will last for their entire lives. So I, the minister, a great Director of Religious Education, and a legion of amazing volunteers are here for you—parent, son and daughter. Welcome!

Learn about our Summer Sundays program, starting June 4th!

Children & Youth RE Easter 2016 Egg Help

Our Cooperative Program

Every year volunteers contribute over 2000 hours to our Sunday School program.

We ask all guardians* to contribute their time as they are able—as teachers, assistants, and playground helpers, and organizing special events and ongoing projects.
Learn more about your opportunities, sign up online, or stop by the RE Office (Room 102) to chat with Katy and learn more.

*Parenthood is NOT a requirement to volunteer!  We joyfully welcome all ages and stages!

Children & Youth Program Vision and Mission

VISION (What):
Our youth grow up together in a community of joy and wonder, building Unitarian Universalist identities that draw on diverse faith traditions and take individual and collective action to help others.

We create an environment encouraging and nurturing self respect, community development, comprehensive religious literacy, spiritual growth, and faith in action.