We asked members of our Preschool teaching team to share what they loved about this sweet job.  Beth Hammer has teenagers of her own, so working with preschoolers is nostalgic and exciting! Here are some of her happy moments:

** Their smiles, happiness, and joy.

**  The wonderful way the children welcome a new child.

**  Their love of the welcoming/circle song (and wanting everyone included in the song, as well as visiting stuffed animal friends.)

**  Their imagination, wonder, and excitement in exploring the world.  From the books and activities, to the memories and experiences they share during class.

**  Watching them help each other with the crafts, and share the supplies.  They share and help with such joy, happy at being able to help/share.

** Watching them grow throughout the year.

** Being able to be in the moment and enjoy the experiences and exploration.

** Being reminded of memories of my own kiddos when they were young.

** Every Sunday I help is a mini-vacation/party/silly-downtime from everyday life.  Everything is fun, from silent parades around the building (and peeking in on other classrooms), silly dancing, pretending to be animals, to cleaning up from a messy craft.

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