At Rebuilding Together Houston, one of our volunteers made
the mistake of moving a ladder without securing the paint
pot. Whoops! In a moment, paint splashed all over the house,
the ground, and nearby workers.

A few weeks ago in Chalice Hour, my own plans fell into chaos–
a game laid out was too much temptation for little hands, and
then one child started a trend when he realized he could fold
his order of service into a paper airplane….

Life is never flawless.

In November many of us will join together with family for Thanksgiving holidays… maybe we’ll mess up the potatoes with inattentive mashing, too much milk, scorching. One of our children will spill the cranberry sauce, possibly uttering a colorful epithet. Aunt Rosie will bring up politics, and who knows where that will go…

At this past year’s General Assembly, the Rev. Sean Parker Dennison presented the Berry Street Essay Failure is not optional. The only way not to fail is to try nothing. So we need to be courageous people who try and try again, learning as we go, and finding grace within and in community as we fail.

What whoopses have you made? How have you learned from them? And how do you find the courage to try again?

Katy Carpman
Director of Religious Education