I am a movie nut and I love superhero movies–lots of explosions and fabulous action scenes. Past the flash, the

Mr. Potato Head is a hero in his Spiderman costume!

Even a potato head can be a hero!

stories are about the most super of beings recognizing their weaknesses, learning to be their best selves, and working together as a team.

We mere mortals may be less flashy and explody—most of us wear less spandex. And yet we are not without power. We just need to own it and find the wisdom and courage to use it wisely!

Here at Emerson, our children will spend Summer Sundays learning from UU Heroes – Unitarians and Universalists who have taken a stand, come to a new understanding, and brought justice to their world.

Yes, let us bring our values into the world and share them with our next generations. An easy way to be a hero? Share one Sunday of your time this summer – sign up to lead one Sunday School session, or be one of our cast of characters, assisting to help the session go smoothly. We’ll be out in the Gathering Place (Hall of Justice?) Sundays this month, making great plans together.

And May is a delightful month for us to come together.  We start with Music Sunday on May 7th, and the following Sunday is Mother’s Day, our last day of school-year Sunday School! May 21st we come together for our annual flower communion–with a twist this year!

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