Speaker: Rev. Becky Edmiston-Lange

Failure is Impossible!

How did women win the vote?  By insisting, by persisting, and by refusing to acknowledge any other possibility!  One of the grande dames of the movement was Unitarian Susan B. Anthony.  And to her, failure was impossible!

Profiles in Perseverance

The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee began in 1939, when Martha and Waitstill Sharp bravely risked their lives to support Jews fleeing the Holocaust. The UUSC is still at work with its partner organizations around the world advancing human rights. This year the UUSC is honoring … read more.

Not by Creed but by Covenant

We UUs are famous for our freedom of belief, the fact that we do not have a creed of beliefs to which we must all subscribe. In UU congregations atheists rub shoulders with theists, neo-pagans with humanists, liberal Christians with naturalistic mystics – and some … read more.