In 2021, it is crucial that we speak up and make our voices heard, so that we may live in a just and equitable democracy that fairly represents each voter and citizen.

The For the People Act (H.R. 1) was passed by U.S. House of Representatives! It is now in the Senate as the S1 bill. We need to call our Senators and get S1 passed.
The For the People Act will make it easier for people to vote and will counter voter suppression. It will establish automatic and online voter registration, election day registration, and expansion of voting by mail. It will restore voting rights to people with felony convictions. It will stop racial and partisan gerrymandering. It will get big money out of our elections. AND, it will thwart virtually all of the types of voting restrictions that have been introduced in state legislatures so far this year.

Join UUSJ(UUs for Social Justice) and our Declaration for American Democracy coalition for the following events and actions:

The Texas Legislature is in session January through May 31, 2021.  Many Voter Suppression bills have been introduced. State and federal electoral districts will be re-drawn, using the 2020 Census.  Gerrymandering in 2021 to favor a single political party is a real threat. The Texas Power Grid failed in early February, causing severe economic damage to many homes and families.

By inputting your address at the link below, you can send a pre-formatted email to your Texas State Senator and Representative on the key issues of equitable Voter Rights for ALL citizens, fair and Unbiased Re-districting, fixing the Texas Power Grid, Climate Change, and Medicaid Expansion in Texas. You can also send an email on other topics important to you.

Two excellent sources to track what is happening in this Texas Legislative session on these key issues are Texas Impact, a faith-based coalition of churches, and the non-profit newspaper, The Texas Tribune.    Texas Impact’s Legislative Priorities for 2021

Contact Information for Houston, Harris and Fort Bend Counties, State of Texas, and Federal Government Officials

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