The Harris County Drug Court Foundation, Success Through Addiction Recovery (STAR) Program is an alternative to incarceration for long term drug addicts who have been arrested for a drug or drug related offense. The intensive treatment along with the supervision of a caring team of Court professionals ensures the best success for recovery. The STAR Program has a lower recidivism rate than the traditional criminal court system and results in a 50% savings for taxpayers.

Emerson’s Share the Plate contributions funded Peer recovery coach training for graduates of the STAR program. This coaching has been validated as an important aspect for the success of addicts’ recovery.

The Harris County Drug Court Foundation began as a Social Justice Task Force in 2003 by Emerson members and incorporated as a tax exempt organization in 2006.

STAR logo

In 2020, Harris County Drug Court Foundation became Justice Forward as it expanded its mission to work with all 18 Harris County Specialty Courts. Now identified as Justice Forward, the link to its history shows the prominent role that Emerson played in its inception.

Emerson provided more than $78,000 in seed money for the formation of the Foundation and has continued to support the Foundation both financially and with volunteers. Emerson is the largest supporter of the Foundation in the Houston community.

With Emerson’s assistance, since 2006 the Drug Court has graduated (rehabilitated) over 700 drug “offenders” from its two year program by breaking the cycle of incarceration.