“Work & Play: Finding a Measure of Equilibrium on the Equinox” or “Three Easy Lessons: How to Fail at Retirement!”

What is your essential identity?  Is your self-concept built around your role as a member of a family?  Do you work to live, or live to work? Or perhaps you are achievement-oriented like a “worker bee” whose self-worth is tied up in how much nectar you can bring back to the hive? Or maybe your real ambition is to have a life of “significance”, worthy of 12 paid column inches in the Chronicle, or even the ultimate affirmation of an unpaid obit in the New York Times?  How many books, how many degrees?  What kind of a legacy do you need?


Our Guest Minister for this service, Rev. Dr. Dan King, recently returned to Houston after a “brief interlude” of only 46 years elsewhere. His four years at Rice ended with a 1971 yearbook citation as one of several “Outstanding Seniors” on the way to a 20 year legal and management career before a midlife correction of 25 years in UU ministry.


Most recently, he has served the various campuses of First UU in several capacities for the past two years.

In this first visit to Emerson he hopes this can be the beginning of finding better balance with his life partner of 45 years so they enjoy more quality time with each other and their daughter’s family.