Supporting the next generation is a core ministry of our congregation.

What would it look like if each of us found a way to help our children and youth thrive? A way that honors our own gifts and helps us to experience joy and wonder right along with our youngest Emersonians?


We learn together, and that takes teaching teams.
LEAD TEACHERS sign up to teach one Sunday a month. Figure on an hour to teach the class, and perhaps another hour to prepare to teach. Lessons and materials are provided, as well as support and training from our Director of Religious Education.

CLASS ASSISTANTS are there to help, with no prep time necessary. We’d love to have you volunteer three times a semester.

Our High School Youth (YRUU) and Coming of Age (COA-8th Grade) can teach us so much about the importance of community and the search for truth and meaning in our lives!

Would you like to work with our high school class or Coming of Age group?Or perhaps you’d like to mentor a Coming of Age youth! (Monthly, October to May.)

Enjoy the Great Outdoors (And Play!)

Choose to spend time outside with our children at 10 AM one Sunday a month (as a Guardian Angel), or periodically for gardening or nature lessons. We have beautiful grounds and a great playground–let’s enjoy it all together.

Celebrate and Serve

Children looking at presents by a lighted Christmas treeThroughout the year we have a variety of special events, for social action and just for fun. What would you love to organize? How would you like to help?

Homecoming Sunday (September)
Deck the Halls celebration (December)
SouperBowl of Caring (February)
Easter FunDay (April)
Something new?

Beyond Sunday Mornings

Looking for opportunities to help beyond the usual worship and education hours?

  • Consider helping to prepare materials, work in the religious education office, or other projects to assist our Director of Religious Education.
  • We are always innovating, and collaborate with other committees on a variety of projects. This year we’re looking forward to planting and maintaining a pocket prairie, having regular multigenerational game days, and going on field trips together. Can you help organize these activities?
  • What else do you have in mind? Surprise us.

We ask all* to contribute their time as they are able, as teachers, assistants, and playground guardian angels, and with special events and ongoing projects. Sign up online or stop by the RE Office to learn more.

*We joyfully welcome all ages and stages to volunteer! Parenthood is in no way a requirement.