What if a church community took time to focus on a single idea each month of the year?

  • Going deeper with one another
  • Encouraging all ages to come together in community
  • Families talking about what they learn as they head home from church and throughout the week

That’s what we’re doing at Emerson, using materials from Faith Rocket, a project of the Church of the Larger Fellowship—Unitarian Universalism’s online congregation.

This month we’re focusing on COURAGE!Image: A person climbs up a rock face. Text is quote from Brene Brown: Courage Starts with showing up and letting yourself be seen.

  • Who in your life exemplifies courage?
  • When the moment comes, what helps a person summon the courage they need?

Each month our Emerson community focuses on a single idea, going deeper with one another.  You can engage through:

  • Sunday services—at least one Sunday each month is fully multigenerational – March 8th
  • Age-appropriate Sunday school lessons around the themes
  • Exploration Sunday—10 AM, March 8th—a time for contemplation and dialogue
  • Social media—sharing articles, quotes, and podcasts shared via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Optional covenant group sessions


Coming up in April: Wonder