Each evening one of my sons comes in and gives me a hug before he heads to bed. “Thank you, Mom.” Sometimes there’s a specific mention (for a tasty dinner, letting him borrow the car, keeping him alive all these years), but more often it’s just a general statement of gratitude. I did not establish this ritual, but it has become a cornerstone of my day.

Even if it’s not a daily practice in our lives, gratitude comes front and center with Thanksgiving. And for many of us, especially those dealing directly with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, this will be a different sort of holiday. The silver packed away and the dining room under construction, the meal may be a simpler affair, or hosted elsewhere. Maybe we throw our hands in the air and decide to have a beach weekend instead. As I write this in mid-October, my family has yet to agree on our plan—but we are genuinely glad to be together and know we will be nourished.

I am so very grateful to all of you who have been supportive of me and my family in this challenging time and a big THANK YOU everyone who helped make our UNICEF Carnival a success, from working the booths to baking cakes and buying loads of tickets to support children around the world!

Katy Carpman
Director of Religious Education

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