Last year we planned a trip to parks in Utah and Arizona. I bought a sturdy pair of hiking boots and broke them in with good wool socks, getting used to the heavy weight on my feet, making sure so I could hike all day without blisters. By vacation time, the boots felt like a natural extension of me. That is, until I tried narrow steps and jagged lava terrain. The heavy soles gave plenty of support, but lacked flexibility. Thankfully, I’d also packed a trusty pair of sneakers – they gave me back some of the agility I needed. Navigating our lives is a wider challenge. We’re never quite sure what to expect, and around every corner there’s another chance to stumble. We come to church to gain skills and to practice in this caring community – it’s sometimes awkward and more than a little messy. Our preschool teachers would tell you that it can get downright raucous. We have conversations about hard things, muddle through team-building, and try out ways to build the better world. It’s not always graceful, but we know that we’re all on the journey together.]]>

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