I don’t know about you, but I love the coming of the new year – the possibilities are delicious.

Yet those same possibilities can be overwhelming—we want to do ALL the things, which, even if it were feasible, would be exhausting and likely contradictory. So we’re going to need to make choices.

The agency to make the choices that work for us and our families is an example of personal freedom – and freedom is our focus for January. In services and classes we’ll share stories of people through history who’ve fought for what they needed, to make the world more possible and more fair for themselves and for all of us.

Thanks to all who contributed sleeping bags and winter gear to Montrose Grace Place! We’ll be delivering all our Mitten Tree offerings around January 10th. You’ve helped make the winter a little warmer for a homeless teen. And yes, they can use your help any time of year – learn more at https://www.montrosegraceplace.org/


COMING IN FEBRUARY – Souper Bowl of Caring – we will NOT be collecting canned goods this year, but will be having a soup lunch fundraiser February 2nd to raise funds for the Houston Food Bank. Stay tuned for further details!