by Maggie Reeder

“It’s the song about love between my brothers and sisters …” Finger snapping and joyous voices rang loud and clear this week at Emerson. It was not so much a sermon as a musical documentary about the life of singer, song writer and activist, Pete Seeger.

Everyone in the audience and at the podium old enough to remember ended up with tears in their eyes over and over as we remembered the profoundly moving moments in history, both the country’s and our own personal lives. The amazing musical journey took us through the beginning of the civil rights movement all the way to events of the seventies that changed the direction of history in America.  Not only were personal memories evoked but political successes were reviewed. Reminding us how far we have come and letting us know how far we need to go.

This event is a reminder of why the Unitarian Universalist Church exists and reaffirms for each of us the part we play in making this a better place to live for everyone.

Along with the wonderful music, Becky retold The Teaspoon Brigade. Which if you were not there this week and are too young to member, is the story of filling a holey basket with sand using a teaspoon. That may sound difficult, but if thousands of people gather to help it is easily possible. We all carry a teaspoon of sand that we can help to fill the basket. The basket represents the civil rights movement and how, working together we as a nation have changed the direction of our country.

The music went from wonderful to amazing and the emotional response was powerful. If you were not there, I am sorry you missed it. I would suggest that you find a recording of it and listen. You will be inspired!

I need to include a “SHOUT OUT!” to the fabulous singers and musicians. Heartfelt THANKS!