While sharing much with Judaism and Christianity, Islam is often misunderstood by outsiders. Rich in history and spirituality, Islam is a religion with diverse practices across the globe. This introductory course blends a scholar's expertise and a former expat's experience to dispel the media's myths surrounding Islam, and open ourselves to dialogue with 1.4 billion Muslim neighbors.
We are pleased to introduce two Emersonians who will lead our Sacred Texts sessions. Sherri Cadenhead has spent much of the last decade in Jakarta, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. Dr. Glenn Roberts earned his Masters in Islamic history from Rice, and his academic specialty is the application of Islamic law internationally. Our Adult Education sessions are each Sunday at 10 AM in Room 205. Join us! January 4: The Many Faces of Islam Consider the worldwide diversity of Islam, then learn about Arabia and the conditions that made Mecca ripe to birth a new faith. January 11: Muhammad (pbuh) Learn about Islam’s Prophet, the revelations, and the expansion of Islam. January 18: The Components of Islam Beyond the five pillars, what basic things should we know about Islam? We’ll look at the sacred text of the Qu’ran, deeds and sayings of Muhammad, tribal customs, and Sharia law. January 25: Islam, the Modern World, and Unitarian Universalism A chance to consider current issues in Islam, including politics and gender, and questions we’ve had through the month. We'll also be studying Islam in worship services and Sunday School classes for children and youth.