Rev. Mark Edmiston-Lange gave the invocation at the 2014 Interfaith Ministries Annual Gala on May 8, 2014. Let us incline our minds and hearts so that we may intent on holy things.

At last – we get to see what God’s family looks like!

Each of us here addresses God by so many names so let us be thankful that God is multilingual.

But what is holy waits not simply for what we say, but watches where our footsteps lead.

Is it the path of gratitude, of thanksgiving for all that we have received?

Is it the path of a sweetened heart eager to lift up the sorrowful and weary, to feed the hungry, and welcome in the lonely?

Let us start with the easy things.  Let us say thank you for the staff and volunteers from Interfaith Ministries who have prepared this lovely evening for us.  (Thank you)

And let us say thank you for the staff here at the Royal Sonesta Hotel who are having a busy evening staging this event and providing us with sustenance.  (Thank you)

And let us say thank you for all the contributors whose financial support makes the amazing work of Interfaith Ministry possible.  (Thank you)

Let us thank the farmers, the truckers, in fact all the great swath of humankind whose efforts, often taken for granted, are necessary for our own well being.  (Thank you)

And let us say thank you to one another, for in each one we see our brother and sister, different in some ways – and yet so much alike.  Let us see in each other cause for gladness – even better, let us each be the cause of gladness for another. (Thank you)

In the words of Marisha Chamberlain

Oh, Glory be the generous Hand   Who left us to our work and care,
Who gave us only a few commands  That we help each other bear
Life's burdens, so that pain and suffering ease.

Blessings, blessings, and may you embrace
God in guise of human grace.