Emerson UU Church is having a


Where: On-line

When: Saturday, April 24 at 7 PM

Why: A fun fundraiser – raising funds to support the technologies we will need when we begin to meet in person, so that folks can join in virtually as well.

Who: for Emersonians and Friends to enjoy a fun evening of unique entertainment

What does PARTI stand for?

“Performance, Art, Reason, Talent, Inspiration” – A Bidding Party

Bonus: We’ll deliver a goodie bag in advance for each registered participant/family – to open as we PARTI !!

Cost to attend: $10/computer screen; $5 for each additional family member; $20 per family – all for a good cause!

Deadline: In order to get a goodie bag or to have your entry considered, RSVPs and Entries must be made by end-of-day Sunday, April 18.

Want to help produce a great PARTI ?! Become a sponsor!

          • Screen Editors: those who donate up to $50
          • Producers: donating up to $100
          • Executive Producers: for donating above $100

Want to be part of the entertainment? Calling all Artists, Musicians, Scientists, Poets, Tricksters, and more to submit a max 30-second video teaser about a talent, a topic, a trick, an art, a technique. If applicable, include a description of a longer “class” or a donated related item. We will auction those live after the teaser is aired.

The PARTI committee will review all submissions and choose the most diverse 10-15 videos that will be aired during the PARTI !!

EXAMPLES – Be creative! All generations encouraged to submit! Friends and relatives welcome to submit!

  • Local paper-artist creates a fast-speed video of a paper art card being created. The artist donates 4 sets of cards to be auctioned off.
  • A scientist creates a teaser video on a fascinating, but little-known topic, and offers to more in-depth class to a maximum of 20 students.
  • Candy-maker creates a teaser video on how to make chocolate truffles. The chef offers to conduct an on-line class or donates two boxes of truffles to the live auction immediately after the video airs during the PARTI !!.
  • A poet creates a SHORT video of the reading of one of their poems and offers a poetry class to a maximum of 5 students.
  • A Musician(s) creates a video teaser of them playing and offers a virtual home-concert to the highest bidder
  • A magician creates a video of a magic trick and offers a 30-minute virtual magic show to a maximum audience of 15 people.
  • A yoga instructor creates a 3-minute video and offers up to 3 one-on-one virtual 30-minute classes to the top three bidders.
  • A chef teases us with a video of a delicious dish and offers a virtual class to learn how to make it.
  • An artist creates a video teaser of a painting technique and offers a virtual class to learn more.
  • Preparing a feeder or a bluebird house or learning about the Moore bird sanctuary here
  • astronomical phenomena expected within X years
  • best electric cars coming out and the future of the electric grid
  • A class on making your own raviolli

Other ideas? You’ve heard of TED talks. Well, we have TED-E talks (E for “Emerson”) – endless learning opportunities – travel, technology, arts and more