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With the Covid-19 pandemic, we are all going through a difficult and uncertain time.  In order to protect ourselves and our larger community, the Board of Trustees and the staff are in agreement that Emerson will close its facilities until the end of March 2021, at which time we will reassess the need for this measure.  Only Board members, the Treasurer and staff will have access to the building during this time.  In addition, staff will be working from home much of the time, checking messages regularly.Our church sign - Stay Safe. Stay Home. We're all in this together. Stay connected at

Of course, with the building closed we will not meet in person for any worship, church activities or meetings.  BUT – that doesn’t mean we can’t be together in new and different ways.  Starting Sunday, March 22, 2020, we will be having online Worship services at our regular time through the video conferencing service Zoom!  (Not to worry, if you are unfamiliar with ZOOM, instructions on how to get started are here.)

Also, your staff and lay leaders are working hard to develop ways for Emersonians to connect at other times during the week through already established groups and through new groups to come.  Because this is a new way of doing things, it will take some time for us all to become accustomed to connecting in this way.  We ask for your patience as we proceed along that learning curve.  Let’s look upon it as a community adventure, shall we?  An adventure that ultimately could strengthen the ties that bind us together.

The pandemic is forcing us to maintain social distance, but the pandemic does not mean that our need of one another diminishes.  In fact, during this challenging time, we need one another more than ever.  Please plan to join us this Sunday at 11 am! The live link to our online service will be



Caring for Ourselves and Each Other

Information on Face Masks

In our small group discussion after worship online this Sunday, our conversation wound around to face masks, how to make them, how to donate them, and how to connect with health facilities that are interested in receiving them. There was a segment on SciFri April 3, broadcast on KUHF and available on the free podcast app “Stitcher Radio” and other podcast apps. The website they described was

To make a mask for personal use that doesn’t require sewing, here is a link to a video showing how to make one. All that is required is a bandana or other tightly woven cotton cloth such a handkerchief or a piece of a dish towel and rubber bands. Continue to keep your distance from others when using these masks. They are not fool proof but offer some protection.

-Janet Meininger


Emersonian Carla Saunders is curating resources for face masks – check these out:

Fast and simple – pattern and instructions available in PDF format.