Our Soul Matters theme this month is LOVE – possibly the broadest theme we could engage!

Far more than those chalky conversation hearts and tiny cardstock greetings we exchange at school, love is at the center of all we do. How do we love our closest friends and family members? How do we love the stranger, and animals, and the earth? And what is meaningful love to all parties involved – do we understand what is being offered?

I’m especially partial to the taco description, attributed to Joshua Perez, adapted from Gary Chapman’s Five Love Languages:

Words of Affirmation: Your tacos are delicious.
Acts of Service: I made you tacos.
Giving/Receiving Gifts: Here’s a taco.
Quality Time: Let’s go out for tacos together.
Physical Touch: Let me hold you like a taco.
Two young children hold hands on a walkway, the sun behind them

This month we’ll talk about love and have opportunities to practice!

February 5: How do we share love with others?
February 12: Act of Service – Setting up for our Souper Bowl of Caring fundraiser lunch benefitting the Houston Food Bank
February 19: Quality time in our multigenerational service
February 26: Crafting with Love

We learn, we serve, and we create community together!