Lately I’ve struggled to write newsletter columns. It took me month to figure out why.

See, in normal times I’d head to IHOP for what I call “Breakfast Meeting with Myself.” Over the years it’s moved from mere routine to ritual. Stirring my coffee before drizzling the cream in a little whirlpool. Jotting down my newsletter thoughts while I wait for my entree, then working on my calendar between bites of bacon and pancake.

But I no longer eat in restaurants. Mostly, I work at home…

So much has changed in QuaranTime and it can leave us feeling uncentered. Some days it feels like floundering. Heck – sometimes we lose track of which day it is!

There will be no easy return to “normal”, and indeed, we’re realizing that normal was not always optimal.

So much we do not yet know – what school will look like, when so many of us will be back in our offices, or when we’ll feel comfortable in a restaurant booth.

Church has been different too – moving to online services and figuring out how covenant groups and classes and teams can meet across phones and computer screens. And now we're getting to know our Interim minister the Rev. Michelle LaGrave as we begin exploring new possibilities for Emerson.

What routines and rituals are you re-creating? What gives you structure and rhythm and hopefully a little joy?

(This post brought to you by a nice homemade breakfast and fresh pot of coffee. If backup support is required, I’ve got pancake ingredients, and I hear IHOP does curbside and delivery.)


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