A picture of Katy's sons in a double stroller next to a flat tire

Summer 2000

Each summer we spend time with my family in Wisconsin. The first time I made the drive with my sons, they were nine months old. One of them had a broken arm—carseat strap logistics were extra complicated. On the way home our Ford Escort, crammed with all our stuff, had a blowout and we learned that the spare tire did not fit the car. So a kind tow truck driver and a Missouri state trooper got us to a tire shop.

How times have changed – now we are three drivers .

Katy's sons driving and navigating a  car, photo shot from the back seat


could be the one in the backseat, letting them do the driving and decision-making. I napped AND I read a book!

Change is coming to Emerson as well! Starting in August, the second Sunday of each month will be a multigenerational service. Not only does this help our children to learn the rhythms and rituals of worship, but it is a chance for all ages to spend time with one another.

We’ll explore common themes each month in worship services and classes for adults and children. If you subscribe to our Facebook page, you’ll find daily resources to go deeper in these themes, and our covenant groups will have the opportunity to incorporate sessions as well.

Summer Sunday School continues this month – thanks to all the Emersonians sharing their hobbies and assisting to help everyone have a joyful time!  Our full Sunday School schedule resumes after Homecoming Sunday, September 8th.