In May of most years, we have a flower ceremony, each of us contributing a flower to represent the gifts we bring to this community of faith. After we bless the flowers together, we redistribute them, everyone taking home a different blossom.

Our communal structure

This year we did something a little different- our ushers handed each person two building blocks and little labels, to represent one talent they share with Emerson, and one gift they’ve received here. Sharing in small groups and then coming together as a congregation, we built a structure of our communal talents and needs.

We displayed the structure in our Sanctuary for a few weeks before dismantling it. A helper carefully sorted the blocks, tracking what people wrote on each of those labels.

Top talents listed*? Music, community, love/care/empathy, organizing, educating, listening, volunteering, creativity, finances, and speaking.

Top gifts received? Community, support, friendship, worship, love/compassion, education, hope, play, shared values, and social justice.

My favorite story for the morning? One of our beloved teachers had listed teaching as her talent… and nearby a young man's block listed learning as the gift he'd received. Sure enough, they know one another well.

Where do your talents match another's needs? And how does our community of faith, reason, and affection meet your needs and give you a place to share your gifts joyfully?

A compiled version of the blocks representing the gifts each of us receives from this community of faith.

Gifts received (compiled)

A compiled version of the blocks representing the talents each of us shares with this community of faith.

The talents we share (compiled)

*If you'd like the full compiled list, email me!

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