“But… the toaster oven has always been in that corner…”

Back Home

Oh, the joys of packing…

By the time this post goes online, my family will be back in our home. Today, newsletter deadline time, I’m in the temporary apartment surrounded by boxes – some already sealed, some belching paper and bubble wrap, nudging me to ignore other commitments and just finish packing.

With the Harvey-induced remediation and rebuild of my kitchen, every surface has been replaced. New cabinets and countertops and switching out electrical and plumbing –yet we lean toward organizing in the familiar ways. Or maybe we can stretch…

Unpacking boxes we find things we haven’t used in years. And how did I come to own five rolling pins? Time to let more things go.

Honestly, the process can be exciting… and incredibly exhausting.  It will take us time to live into our new reality, and we’ll make some missteps along the way. But somehow, there will be toast.

March in Sunday School also gives us opportunities to try new things. March 3rd, come by for our Campus Cleanup at 9 AM. On March 4th our middle school class will create a giant ice cream sundae to celebrate the completion of the church’s pledge drive. And many of our families head off on Spring Break (March 12-16), so we switch things up on those weekends, with gardening and making our offering for April’s service auction. Our Coming of Age group heads off on the Spring Retreat at the end of the month, considering their deepest values, and enjoying nature and the company of one another.

See you soon!