Our guest minister will be Rev. John Pepper. He writes, “Calling is a term many use to refer to their specific vocations and preachers often claim it for their ministries. I believe we are all Called to help out and make the world a better place. Please join me as I explore the concept and need to respond to your Calling.”

Opening Words: – “In this Time” by Marta M. Flanagan

Chalice Lighting: by Philip R. Giles

Opening Hymn: 347 Gather the Spirit

Story: – Whoever You Are, by Mem Fox

Responsive Reading: No. 531 “The Oversoul” by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Reading: from the book “Leaving Church” by Barbara Brown Taylor

Message: “All Are Called But Not Everyone Listens!” John Pepper

Closing Hymn: 298, Wake Now My Senses

Benediction: “I Am Only One” by Edward Everett Hale