The last 18 months has been very difficult for many of us because of the pandemic and other life circumstances. The Lay Pastoral Ministry Team thought it would be helpful to create a support group to give people an opportunity to express their thoughts and emotions about coping with this difficult time. In addition to the pandemic, the end of the year holidays are rapidly approaching, bringing their own set of stress and psychological problems that we all need to consider. We are fortunate that Ken McLeod, a certified social worker who has a lot of experience dealing with with these issues, has agreed to lead this support group. The initial plan is to meet once a week for four sessions. If there is a need and desire to have more sessions, this will be considered and more sessions can be scheduled.

If you are interested in participating in this support group, please send an email to Please state your preference for when you would like to meet and how you would like to meet. The options for time to meet are after church on a Sunday afternoon, during the week in the evening, or on a Saturday morning. Also, state whether you prefer to meet in person or via Zoom.