A message from our Director of Religious Education Katy Carpmancareer-sabbatical

You may have heard that I’ll be out on sabbatical, May 1 to July 31.  A sabbatical is an opportunity to take a breath and dig deeply into a subject of interest, uninterrupted by the usual day-to-day tasks. I’m so very grateful that my contract at Emerson includes this opportunity.

What’s my topic? I’ll be looking at how churches can best partner with families as they navigate our ever-busier world. Part of this will be reading and some will be conversations with colleagues who’ve implemented dynamic family ministry programs–what remains at the core and what changes have they made?

(And yes, I’ll also be cooking and napping and fishing and gardening and spending time with family…)

But what happens here at Emerson while I’m away?

The first few weeks of May will seem like “normal” – Sunday School teachers continue to teach, and we’ll have our end-of-year class parties on May 13th. And then May 20th is a very special worship service, celebrating who we are as a community. May 27th, all ages are in service again on that Memorial Day weekend.

Summer Sunday School kicks off on June 3, continuing through August. Each Sunday our children (led by intrepid volunteers) will come together in a Kindness Club, with stories and hands-on opportunities to spread kindness – to one another, to people near and far, to animals, to the earth.

How can you support your child and the RE program while I’m away?

  • Can you bring snacks for your child’s End of Year class party May 13?
  • Volunteer to help with any holes in our assisting schedule.
  • Greet newcomers to our church and help them get situated.
  • Continue to attend – there’s still fun and fulfillment to be had!
  • Try a teens and families game night – first session is Saturday, May 19th, 7 PM here!

 The work of my sabbatical will not be complete on August 1 – next year we’ll have opportunities for conversations and for short-term experiments. There might even be (gasp!) a survey or two, and I have every hope that we’ll have fun along the way.

See you in August!