As your Director of Religious Education, I have been honored to watch children grow, to support families, and to share important conversations and belly laughs with so many Emersonians through the years. I have grown professionally in my time here, achieving UUA credentialing, taking on lifespan responsibilities and a greater role in worship services. Over the past twelve years we have achieved great things, and faced challenges and tragedies together.

And this summer I will be leaving Emerson and leaving Houston. 

My husband is taking a new job – in Pennsylvania. It is exactly the sort of position he has been looking for, using his expertise and creativity to create new systems in a different industry.

And it is time for us to downsize from our empty nest and begin new adventures. Josh and I are looking forward to hills and seasons and fresh-picked apples, and it will be good to be closer to family after 30+ years away.

While it is early days for all the logistics of moving, I plan to be at Emerson into June. We have plenty of time for both transition logistics and the celebration and goodbyes of a good leaving. 

My professional code of conduct precludes me from having any role in choosing your next religious educator, but I am planning with staff and church leadership, laying the groundwork for schedules and summer curriculum to make the coming months smoother. Stay tuned for ways you can support the religious education programs of Emerson during this transitional time.

Thank you for sharing your lives with me these twelve years-