Selected Audio Sermons

Gratitude for the Drama of Life

Two separate passages from the work of Annie Dillard – together with what might be thought an unlikely source – have got me to thinking about the meaning of “thanks-giving.”  The unlikely source?  Well, come find out!

Healing: Becoming Whole

Perhaps healing and curing are not the same. One can become whole even when a cure is not possible. Is spiritual healing in the practice of our free faith?

Is There Sex in Heaven?

What do Unitarian Universalists think about the afterlife? Do we believe in one – and, if so, what would it be like? This being the day of our annual UNICEF Halloween carnival, everyone is invited to wear a costume to church. And – bonus – Emerson’s Intergenerational Orchestra will play!

At Home in the Wilderness

The wilderness is uncertain, and getting through it can seem confusing as the comforts of routine are left behind. But the wilderness and desert experiences of our lives can be a time of exploration and discovery. As we begin our ministry together, we’ll explore the joys of the journey.

Come on Out! Come on Up!

It’s Homecoming Sunday – AND – Bring a Friend Sunday! Come embrace the new church year and welcome new faces, including our new transitional assistant minister. Let’s see what amazing things might happen as our energy creates synergy. The Choir makes its fall debut, Shan will tickle the ivories and we will all have a chance to help make something “come on up!” PLUS, stay for the pizza pot luck afterwards. What’s not to like?

If We Can’t Have Pizza, Maybe Nachos?

Alas, poor Pluto, we thought we knew ye. But hark, what light from yonder distant horizon breaks? Could it be a “giant distant disturber’? And what in the world – our world – might that mean for us and our understanding of what it means to be human?

The Perfect Mother’s Day Sermon?

What words could possibly do justice to the many different ways in which we mother and have been mothered? Our individual experiences vary tremendously, but all of us have at least one thing in common – someone gave birth to us. Given that, is there something we might all celebrate on this day?