Topic: Selected Audio Sermons

Who Ya Gonna Call – Jesus or Ralph Waldo?

It seems we might have dueling sacred icons when it comes to the question of how we might live. Must we succumb to the “tyranny of the shoulds” or might we more properly nurture the spirit by practicing attentiveness to the “rapture of being alive”?

Have We Got a Story to Tell!!

It’s HOMECOMING SUNDAY! And there will be all kinds of excitement as we come together yet again to renew the bonds of affection that bind us as one and rededicate ourselves to the principles of our faith. There will be a great story for children of all ages, the choir will return from its summer hiatus, a glorious after-church event is planned, and we will rejoice in one another’s presence indeed!

Taking a Breath

We are human beings, but we act like human doings. In this long and hot summer, let’s consider taking a breath from our often hectic lives.

Get Found! LGBT Pride Weekend

We often hide the real part of ourselves from the world in fear. The LGBTQ coming-out experience provides wisdom for anyone playing hide-and-seek with the world, and perhaps with themselves. We all just need to get found.

Living from the Inside Out

The inner is the foundation of the outer, says the Tao Te Ching. The secret of health and happiness, perhaps, is to have knowledge and comfort with our inner selves, even those parts of us we hide in the shadow as we feign control over the outer. Where is the true treasure of our lives?

The Spirituality of Smell

We continue to explore what “embodied spirituality” means through the medium of the human sense of smell. What if we took smell seriously as something that could reveal to us the nature of ultimate reality and inform us about what it means to live a life of wholeness?