Rev. Samuel Schaal

Life, Death and Immortality

All Souls / Day of the Dead
In this special service honoring the memory of all those we have loved and lost, we contemplate the mystery of being born and having to die. What in our life is immortal?

Blessing of the Animals

Bring your animals (real and toy) to be blessed in an outdoor ceremony on the church’s north lawn! Guests are encouraged to bring pet supplies to be donated to Corridor Rescue, a non-profit street dog rescue organization.

What Does Abundance Mean?

We’re suspicious of the prosperity gospel that emphasizes individual wealth or health as a sacred value. With so much need in the world, how can we emphasize abundance for us? Do we live in a world of scarcity or abundance?

A Time for Turning

This week is Yom Kippur in the Jewish tradition, the holiest time of the year. It is a time of repentance and atonement.  How might we open ourselves to humility and forgiveness?

Why Pray?

Are thoughts and prayers enough in a world touched by violence, hurt and hatred? Who or what are we praying to? Can an atheist pray?

Taking a Breath

We are human beings, but we act like human doings. In this long and hot summer, let’s consider taking a breath from our often hectic lives.

Spiritual Freedom

Second in an occasional series on the basics of Unitarian Universalism
Deep in the DNA of our Unitarian and Universalist heritage is a love of freedom in search of truth. Is spiritual freedom enough to sustain a religious community?

Get Found! LGBT Pride Weekend

We often hide the real part of ourselves from the world in fear. The LGBTQ coming-out experience provides wisdom for anyone playing hide-and-seek with the world, and perhaps with themselves. We all just need to get found.

Reaching Out

Creating space for strangers to become friends is one of the central acts of the church. Hospitality is not inviting others to become like us, but to help others find themselves while among us.