Rev. Sam Schaal

We Rise Again

In this the season of Spring, in the week of Passover, on Easter Sunday we come together to “sing and speak” refreshed worlds and to renew a promise of life abundant for all. The Music Department has magnificent music planned; and there will be the traditional Easter Egg Hunt after the service. Come, put on your Season finery (or not! Shorts and flip flops will do!) and rejoice in the rebirth of the earth and the regeneration of our spirits!

Walking Together

First in an occasional series of the basics of Unitarian Universalism
In our diversity as a religious community, what holds us together? What is the difference between a collection of individuals and a church?

Would He Come Here?

The story of the season speaks of the holy infant born in a forlorn land to a wandering couple amid the squalor of a barn. So divinity appears in the most uncommon places, even in our own lives.

Healing: Becoming Whole

Perhaps healing and curing are not the same. One can become whole even when a cure is not possible. Is spiritual healing in the practice of our free faith?