Speaker: Rev. Chuck Freeman

Breathing UU Faith Into the Body Politic

A compelling teaching from the Epistle of James reads, “Removing action from faith is like removing breath from a body.  All you have left is a corpse.”  Religious progressives have allowed the faith narrative in Texas to be dominated by an extreme vocal sect of one religion.  No wonder our state is on life support!!  Come hear why breathing UU faith into the body politic will literally transform us from a near death experience into a state of living, loving souls!

If We Don’t Do This, What Do We Do?

Executive Director, Texas Unitarian Universalist Justice Ministry
Texas is ground zero for our identity as a nation and our identity as a faith. With the Anti-Sanctuary bill now law and the DACA decision, our Hispanic neighbors are in jeopardy. How will your congregation respond?

Fill Your Core, Toughen Your Resolve

Now is not a time to be screaming and shrieking our faith and moral values. This is a time to be grounded in the richness of our souls. Wise teachings like the Tao anchor us in the deep wells of unmovable dignity for all beings. How do we become spiritual activists, personally and collectively, that flow resolutely like a mighty river?