Rev. Becky Edmiston-Lange

None of Us is Free Until . . .

Unitarian Universalists have for decades professed a vision of an anti-racist, anti-oppressive, multicultural society.  And yet many Unitarian Universalists of color do not really feel welcome in our congregations.  Why is that?  What does it mean that white folks have the luxury of being “visitors to the struggle”? How are all of us in this country and in the UUA steeped in a white supremacy culture?

Is There Sex in Heaven?

What do Unitarian Universalists think about the afterlife? Do we believe in one – and, if so, what would it be like? This being the day of our annual UNICEF Halloween carnival, everyone is invited to wear a costume to church. And – bonus – Emerson’s Intergenerational Orchestra will play!

Lessons Learned from Harvey

No, not the benign, albeit mischievous, imaginary rabbit in the film classic starring Jimmy Stewart, but the extremely destructive Gulf hurricane we experienced just weeks ago. Some lessons are obvious; some others, maybe less so.

If We Can’t Have Pizza, Maybe Nachos?

Alas, poor Pluto, we thought we knew ye. But hark, what light from yonder distant horizon breaks? Could it be a “giant distant disturber’? And what in the world – our world – might that mean for us and our understanding of what it means to be human?

Celebrating our Beloved Community

As summer approaches we pause to reflect on the year that has been and to acknowledge all that we mean to one another. There will be some special recognitions and we will officially welcome New Members of the congregation. The choir will sing its last anthem before the summer break. AND, rather than Flower communion, we will celebrate our many gifts in a new and exciting way!

The Perfect Mother’s Day Sermon?

What words could possibly do justice to the many different ways in which we mother and have been mothered? Our individual experiences vary tremendously, but all of us have at least one thing in common – someone gave birth to us. Given that, is there something we might all celebrate on this day?