Speaker: Randy Partain

Roadmap to Forgiveness

We know how important forgiveness is, especially for our own well-being. Yet, forgiveness is often a journey rather than a moment or an event. How can we discover a personally meaningful roadmap for that journey? And can that journey also lead to justice and healing?

You Can’t Steal the Moon

…and you can’t give the moon away. We appreciate the moon’s light, as we appreciate words of wisdom when we face darkness. But the moon has no light of its own; its light is merely a reflection. What if we are the sun?

Promises Not Worth Keeping

Sometimes we make promises to ourselves when we have been hurt. We decide how we must be or what we must do to be safe, loved, and accepted. Those promises may get us through painful times, but they can also get in the way of … read more.

Speaking the Truth in Love

How you communicate plays a big role in defining your sense of community. If we want to create meaningful, authentic community, our communication has to be direct, honest, and respectful. Come learn how your intentional communication can help create meaningful, authentic community.

Rain without Thunder and Lightning

Frederick Douglass wrote that wanting justice but being afraid of conflict was like wanting rain without thunder and lightning, or wanting crops to grow without disturbing the ground. So much injustice that we see in our world is fueled by harmful religious ideas, yet we … read more.