Ken McLeod

FAITH: For Believers, NonBelievers and UUs

Religious groups of various types often use the word “faith,” and members in each group think they know what is meant. But what do YOU mean when/if you use the word? How does it apply to your sense of a god or a Higher Power? And how does your own faith play out in your daily life? We will explore some various meanings of faith in hopes of stimulating some personal thought on the subject.

Surviving Aids

Thirty-five years ago the world changed radically for many people when a tiny article appeared about a small group of gay men with a rare illness. ALL of us have had various adjustments to make in the face of AIDS. Today, long term survivors of … read more.

Owning Your Religious Past

Most UUs grew up in some other faith tradition. Like the patchwork of a quilt, we have come to where we are in faith as a result of those we have met, what we have experienced, what we have kept, what we have altered, and … read more.