Speaker: Katy Carpman

There’s No “I” in Apollo

Fifty years ago this month, we achieved that “giant leap for humanity” as Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. This accomplishment took the combined efforts of forty thousand people – people bringing their individual skills and passions together to achieve a common goal. What’s our next giant leap?

What Shapes Us

Our director of religious education Katy is back from her sabbatical. She’ll share some of her insights from a summer of study and restorative fun.

We Are Family!

A chance to consider families in all their compositions, and our roles within them. Our director of religious education Katy Carpman shares a preview of plans for her summer sabbatical.


Katy, a religious educator certified by the UUA, has been our Director of Religious Education for the past six years.

Surprised by Joy

We will share stories about being unexpectedly captivated by the magic of the holiday season. Has that ever happened to you? Bring your stories to share with the rest of the congregation about a time when you were “surprised by joy” during the holidays.