Katy Carpman

Surprised by Joy

We will share stories about being unexpectedly captivated by the magic of the holiday season. Has that ever happened to you? Bring your stories to share with the rest of the congregation about a time when you were “surprised by joy” during the holidays.

Putting Gratitude into Action

In this season of Thanksgiving, when we are most mindful of all the bounty we enjoy, we will turn our attention to people who need us to help champion their cause or ease their pain.

Making Connections

In this digital world, a person can have seven hundred Facebook friends, thousands of Twitter followers, but how connected are we really? Nineteenth-century creatives, the Peabody Sisters, can teach us much about being a laboratory for change.

Failing Forward

Let’s face it—often in life we have no idea what we’re doing, and if we wait until we’re ready, we might never get started. What if we start with the assumption that failure’s necessary? All ages take part in this special worship service

Flower Communion

Every Spring Unitarian Universalist congregations take part in this ritual of sharing. Bring a flower or five as we celebrate the gifts of community.