April DeConick

Taize Service

The Taize Community (in Taize, France) has been an interna-tional contemplative community advocating for peace and justice since 1940. They have created a simple style of wor-ship comprised of music and readings to encourage thought-fulness and a peaceful mind. Our own April DeConick and Stephen Lipp have adapted this service for Unitarian Univer-salists. It’s a … Continued

The Gnostic New Age

Professor DeConick will share insights she learned while writing her newest book, The Gnostic New Age (Columbia University, Press 2016). Her talk will highlight how the ancient gnostics revolutionized religion with an innovative and countercultural form of spirituality. This new form of spirituality shifted the purpose of religion from the worship and appeasement of the … Continued

Memorial Day Taize Service

This service will remember and honor those who died while serving in the armed forces. The simple music of Taize and the quiet moments of contemplation will help us recall our heroes and the sacrifices that they made for our nation. Together we will build a rock sculpture to honor their memory and light candles … Continued