Speaker: Ann May

Winter Solstice Celebration

Come, join us for a family-friendly evening of music, readings, and candlelight as we honor the darkness of winter and celebrate the return and warmth of the life-giving sun.

Summer Solstice Picnic and Service

We celebrate the cycles of the earth, the season of summer, and our place in the natural world. On the longest day of the year, we will celebrate the energy and fullness of the season with readings, meditation, and music.

Spring Equinox

We gather to celebrate the equinox, to acknowledge the cycles of change in the natural world, and to celebrate our place in the universe and in nature.

Winter Solstice Celebration

Once again, the earth turns in her orbit, shortening the days and lengthening the nights.  During this time of darkness, we gather again to reflect on what gifts come to us in times of darkness.