Adrian Rodriguez

Music Sunday

As we approach winter, come join the Emerson Choir and Intergenerational Orchestra as in their performance of “The Longest Nights” by Timothy Takach. The music and texts observe winter as a descent as we approach the new year. In the words of the composer “We dig deep, we nestle ourselves in…we have to endure, we have to stay strong through the turning of the year. Hibernation and metamorphosis come to mind… Will we be the same person on the other side? Or do we grow? Do we change?” 

Forget About Talent

Together we will explore the how concepts of collective music-making inform the way transform community in order to build a future distinct from the past.

Music Sunday | Oratorio de Noël

Emerson’s Music Department presents Saint-Saëns’ hidden gem, Oratorio de Noël, with service elements by Rev. Becky Edmiston-Lange. Special Guests: The Austin Chamber Singers.  

Music Sunday: Creativity and the Art of Living

What is creativity, where does it come from, and what are its implications on mastering the art of living? Come join the Emerson Choir, the Emerson Intergenerational Orchestra, and the Austin High School Chamber singers as we engage with the Fauré Requiem as an opportunity to connect with our humanity.