Project Refugee Presents the Immigration Justice Series

Due to the importance of immigration in our political discourse and its connection to current events, Project Refugee presents the Immigration Justice series. The series will serve as a platform of study and discussion for Emersonians and the larger community to reflect on historic patterns of migration, the role the United States has played (and still plays) in Latin America and other parts of the world, and how we might engage meaningfully with immigration and refugee justice reform as a moral and social justice issue.

This four-session UUA course on immigration justice is designed for congregational study groups, with the expectation that participants will gather for the four sessions. During the summer months, this may prove difficult, if not impossible. Therefore, this offering will be paced on an every other week basis with the off week offered for guest speakers or a modified repeat and/or recap session for those that weren’t able to attend the original session. This schedule will also allow time for participants to prepare for the sessions with the provided reading material from Undocumented by Aviva Chomsky and watching selected videos or video clips at home. In addition, selected excerpts from Detained and Deported: Stories of Immigrant Families Under Fire by Margaret Regan will be provided and incorporated into the sessions.


7/10/16 Immigration Justice Session One – with inclusion of Detained & Deported + Film Segment Flipping

7/17/16 – Speaker Event TBD or Immigration Justice Session One Catch-up/Recap

7/24/16 – Immigration Justice – Session Two – with inclusion of Detained & Deported + Film Segment Flipping

7/31/16 – Speaker Event TBD or Immigration Justice Session Two Catch-Up/Recap

8/7/16 –   Immigration Justice – Session Three – with inclusion of Detained & Deported + Film Segment Flipping

8/14/16– Speaker Event TBD or Immigration Justice Session Three Catch-Up/Recap

8/21/16 – Immigration Justice – Session Four


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