Aviso sobre las clases de Inglés: El semestre de la primavera 2018 comenzó en Enero. Las clases ya estan saturadas y han terminado las inscripciones. Para más información sobre el semestre de otoño 2018 y como registrarse, porfavor visite ésta página en los principios de Agosto o llamar en esas fechas a el siguiente numero: 713-782-0825. Gracias.

Notice regarding ESL classes: The 2018 spring semester began in January. The classes for this semester are now full and we are no longer registering students. For more information regarding our 2018 fall semester and how to register, please visit this page again sometime early in August or call the following hotline around that time for updated dates: 713-782-0825. Thank you.

Teaching adult ESL classes in the wider community

“Houston is the most diverse, rapidly growing major US metropolitan area, and immigration has contributed greatly to its growth and diversity. In 2013 the Houston metro area was home to 6.3 million people, of whom 1.4 million were foreign born – an increase of nearly 60 percent from 2000, which is almost twice the national growth rate.” – Migration Policy Institute Report, March 2015


Houston has one of the largest immigrant populations with about 22% of Houston residents born in another country. In an effort to serve the needs of our immigrant community, Emerson Justice Advocates (EJA) offers English as a Second Language classes (ESL). The intent of EJA is not only to offer classes in English, a key component of upward mobility in the United States, but also to identify other needs within the immigrant community. In the process we can share our care and compassion to members of the larger Houston community and build personal relationships with people. As Global Citizens, it is our mission to make the world a better place starting in our community.


As our ESL program continues to grow, we encourage students to identify other needs for which we can provide resources and educational opportunities to assist them in bettering their lives and the lives of their children. Our classes are being offered free of charge to all who come to our doors for help. Providing childcare allows our students with young children to attend classes.


Volunteer Opportunities


Emerson’s English Classes Project is fueled by volunteers, from the Emerson congregation as well as the larger community. Consider offering your time and talents in one or more of the following roles.


For those with limited time, the following opportunities are available:

Registration data entry – basic computer skills and a few minutes of database training are the only requirements.

Registration greeters – start with a welcoming smile and a little training in the registration process; skill in a second language is a bonus.

Placement testing – after an hour of training in early September, volunteers administer oral and written test during registration on Saturday, September 9th.

If you have more availability, consider these opportunities:

Session Coordinators – arrive half an hour before the start of class to open the church, set out attendance materials and welcome students.

Classroom Assistants – work alongside experienced ESL instructors in the classroom, join in conversational exercises, collect resources and materials for classroom use.

ESL Instructors – experienced language instructors are always needed to teach two to three hour classes at basic (no English) to more advanced (English immersion) levels. Interested in substitute teaching? You are also welcome!

Childcare Volunteers – assist the paid, certified childcare staff with infant care, play and enrichment activities.

Office Staff – ESL’s tiny office is the resource hub. Help is needed with copying, filing and keeping things organized.


If you are an experienced instructor interested in volunteering, please contact Deborah Landis. For all other volunteer inquiries, please contact Carol Trout.