A World of New Friends

Exploring Houston’s amazing diversity of faiths and cultures

Each Sunday we’ll learn a new friend’s story and something about their faith tradition, through books, art, and learning centers.

Ages 5 to 12, with older youth welcome to help

We begin in the worship service with our families, and proceed to class in Room 108 around 11:15.

All ages attend the full worship service on June 19th and July 3rd.

How can you help?

Our caring teachers and assistants bring lessons to life!

Lead Teacher

  • Before Sunday, read the background information and session plan.Summer Sunday School teacher and students
  • Come to church by 10:40 to make sure the classroom is arranged as you like.
  • Lead the first fifteen minutes of the class.
  • Choose to facilitate one of the learning centers.

Our director of religious education Katy will support you with curriculum, all materials, and pointers.

Class Assistants

  • Before Sunday, read the background information and session plan.
  • Leave the worship service at 11:15 and walk with the class to Room 108
  • Assist the lead teacher with the start of the class.
  • Facilitate one of the learning centers.

To ensure support for all learners, we ask for two assistants each Sunday.

Email Katy to get on the schedule.

Meet Our New Friends

Summer Sunday School World Faiths
Symbols from just a few of the world’s faiths

We use story and imagery to provide context in learning about the world’s religions and cultures.

Note: these are personas who might well live here in Houston, not living people!

Maria, whose ancestors were from Mexico (Christianity)
Fatima, whose family comes from Saudi Arabia (Islam)
Guntur, whose family comes from Indonesia (Islam)
Ravi, whose family hails from India (Hinduism)
Sumalee, who still has family in Thailand (Buddhism)
Mei, parents are from China (Taoism)
Rowan, whose family came from Ireland (Earth-centered religion-Wicca)
Tiva, a Hopi Indian originally from Arizona (Earth-centered religion-Hopi)
Devasheesh, whose grandparents came from India (Sikhism)
Ben, who still has family in Israel (Judaism)