***School year will be back in September.

School-year (September 17 through May 13) Children and Youth Schedule

The 10:00 AM hour is our pre-service hour.

Playground SwingsNursery care: Room 104
Playground time (Rainy days in Room 107)
8th Grade Coming of Age: Room 207

The 11:00 AM hour is the cornerstone of our program.

Children join their families for the start of our Sunday worship service. We sing together and share a story, then children proceed to class with their teachers as guides.

RE Gardening 2016

Each month we’ll take part in:

Two to three Sundays of grade-level Unitarian Universalist curriculum.
Sunday School classes, led by our wonderful volunteer teachers, are learning communities in which we light a chalice, share our stories, and take part in games, crafts, and experiments.

Children’s Chapel – a monthly chapel time to encounter awe and wonder and discover our own agency for miracle-making  (Room 108)

Special Events – UNICEF Carnival (October), Souper Bowl of Caring (February), Gardening Days, as well as multigenerational worship services.

Curricula Offered 2017-2018:

Preschool/Kindergarten: Celebrating Me and My World (Room 105)

Children experience our caring space, explore new and familiar ideas, and ground themselves with Celebrating Me and My World, a UUA-published curriculum. Ages three and up

First to Fourth Grade: Love Will Guide Us (Room 107)

Our elementary class will delve into the sources of our faith with Love Will Guide, a dynamic curriculum named for one of our favorite hymns.

Fifth to Eight Grade: Lodestones (Room 209)

Our Middle School will develop community as they consider life’s sticky spots in our Lodestones class.

Eighth Grade: Coming of Age 10 AM (Room 207)

Over the course of a year, youth gather for dynamic workshops, retreats, and justice projects. With mentors and guides, participants explore what they find meaningful and how to build a spiritual “toolkit” to help them face the joys, sorrows, wonders, and challenges of being human. The program culminates with a Sunday service where each youth shares their credo, a statement of their beliefs and values.

High School (Room 208)

Our high school youth work with their adult advisers to plan their calendar, incorporating UU curricula, video and current event discussion, as well as games and opportunities to bond and restore spirits amidst hectic teenage lives.

Each week we update our Between Sundays page with the latest news!

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