Between Sundays, because we’re always learning and growing!

What’s happening Sunday, August 25th?

Two children blowing bubbles
Creating bubble sculptures as an experiment in awe and wonder

Each Sunday we begin in the worship service with our families at 11 AM.

This Sunday we’ll spend a few extra minutes in the worship service as we honor learners of all ages!  Be sure to get your backpack blessings tag!

Around 11:15 we head to Summer Sunday School in Room 108 – this week, Michael Bloom shows us how to play the ancient strategy game Go. We’ll have additional strategy games for our youngest Emersonians.

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So we can best prepare for all families, please take a few minutes to register for our 2019 program, even if you have registered in the past.

Invitations beyond Sunday School

Homecoming Sunday –  September 8th – stay tuned!

Between Sundays

Parents are a child’s primary religious educators, and our take home pages often include hints and activities you might consider for during the week.

  • Our children and youth worked in our Walden Prairie–flowers and grasses are flourishing! Interested in doing a little gardening at home? Here are a few starter tips.
  • In April our Coming of Age group went to Stephen F. Austin State Park for their Spring Retreat. When did you last visit a Texas State Park?
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How do we practice our values in the world? Here are a few examples: Beyond Sundays

    • Each Sunday we give away our open plate offerings–to Interfaith Ministries’ Meals on Wheels and the monthly Share the Plate recipients.
    • Thanks to all who helped out with Rebuilding Together Houston April 6 and 13! We’ll post the Fall building dates when we get them.