emerson-helping-hands-logoDear Friends,

Helping Hands is a church-wide program to help each other with meals in times of poor health or recovery, rides to the doctor or clinic or to church, and other forms of actual ministry. These are important ways to build our beloved community, one action at a time. The purpose is to foster the practice of ministry in all we do as Emersonians. Helping Hands is a way for all members to provide support to each other in times of need. You do not have to prepare a meal… you can order from a restaurant, send a meal directly from the website to be delivered or use Instacart from your own account.

All church friends and members are Helping Hands… and also people who may have a need. Please opt-in to participate, and we invite you to join in this service. When a need arises, everyone will receive an email inviting them to help. When you respond to that email, you will be added to that particular Meal Train, or project.

The MealTrain is internet based and is so easy to use. For Meals, there is basic MealTrain, and for rides, and more.. there is Meal Train Plus. Each time a Meal Train is set up, you will receive an invitation with directions to volunteer.

If you do not want to participate, please let us know, and you will be removed. Thank you!

With Helping Hands,


Sarah Boyd


Please click here to participate!