How can I make my pledge?

  • On paper: Pledge forms are available at the Stewardship kiosk in The Gathering Place. You can give the completed form to Becky after the service or place in the offering plate during the service.
  • Online via this linkDo not include your bank or credit card information on this Pledge Form—give that information directly to Karen Van Horn. 
  • By e-mail to Karen Van Horn, our Business Administrator, at
  • By phone, by calling Karen Van Horn, our Business Administrator, at 713-782-8250

How can I pay my pledge?

Most congregants contribute monthly or quarterly by having their pledge amount automatically deducted from their checking or savings account.

  • Automated Bank Withdrawal (ACH) – To set up an automatic withdrawal from your bank, please call Karen Van Horn in the church office at 713-782-8250, or e-mail her at You’ll need to provide a voided check.  The same account can be debited year after year as long as the account number does not change.)
  • Any major credit card – Download and complete the Credit Card Pay Form and turn in to Karen to authorize an automated payment)
  • PayPal –  Set up a PayPal account online or pay in the Bookstore every Sunday after the service.
  • Check
  • Cash  [Please use the envelopes provided in the pews and write your name and “Pledge” on the envelope. Cash in the plate goes to a a different organization each month plus Meals on Wheels.
  • Stock Transfer – Stocks may be transferred directly to the church’s account. Please contact Karen Van Horn.
  • Pay Through your RMDs – If you are 70 ½ and are required to take Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) from your traditional (not ROTH) IRA, you may pay your pledge through your distribution, directly from your IRA to the church. Since the funds bypass you, you are not taxed on that amount. This is called a Qualified Charitable Distribution and sustains the church while reducing your taxes. Contact Karen Van Horn to set up this simple process.