We are grateful that you are part of the Emerson family. We hope that you are nurtured and challenged here, and that you are excited about the possibilities for the future of our faith and our community, as together we build a better world

Your support of Emerson determines our ability to make that future of beloved community a reality. By giving generously, you can help ensure that Emerson will continue to provide the programs and values that we seek to pass on to our children and others who come after us. Every pledge matters! Your pledge is important to the future of our church. It is important to your life as well.

Supporting Emerson means sharing your time and talent, as well as your treasure. Opportunities for sharing your time and talent can be found on the Volunteer page and on the Social Action page.

Pledge FAQs

Q. What’s a pledge?

A pledge is a promise to donate a certain amount of money to the congregation during the calendar year. It is a promise that we make to each other, to sustain the faith that sustains us.  Pledges account for the largest percentage of our operating budget, 70 to 80%. So, every new pledge plays a decisive role in our ability fulfill its mission each year.


Q. I don’t know what my income will be this year. Should I still make a pledge?

Yes. First and foremost, a pledge is about your willingness to help share, as you are able, in the support of Emerson.


Q. So the first question when thinking about a pledge is not, “How much?” Instead, the first question is “Can I help share in the support of Emerson?” Answer that question in the positive and you have made a pledge.


Q: So what’s the 2nd Question?

How can I find out and become part of a conversation about Emerson’s mission?

See our blogs, take part in small group discussions, maybe talk with Becky and Mark. Emerson’s mission is not so much a declarative statement as it is an unfolding understanding about how we intend to be of service to each other and the wider world. So it will be revised, amended, and deepened over the months and years ahead.


Q: When should I make a pledge?



Q: I hear a lot of talk about making a 3 year pledge. Is that required?

No. You can make a pledge for whatever time period you prefer. 3 year pledges were introduced because (a) some have asked for it and (b) it makes financial planning a little easier. But, again, make a pledge for 1,2 or 3 years as best suits your circumstances.


Q: I understand that small social events at members’ homes are a central part of the stewardship campaign. Should I wait to attend one before I pledge?



Q: I’ve already pledged – should I still expect an invitation to a small group event?

Yes. The purpose of the small socials is to have a conversation about your hopes and concerns for Emerson as well as deepen the conversation about Emerson’s mission in the Greater Houston Area. You will not be asked to make a pledge at these events although if you have not yet made a pledge, you may be invited to select (from a list) a Stewardship Advisor who will then talk with you at a later time about your pledge.


Q: I haven’t seen an invitation yet? Have you forgotten about me?

No. Everyone will receive invitations over the course of the year. Correspondingly, we will post host sites as they are developed so you may also sign up to attend one of your choosing. We will keep track of invitations and attendees in the hope of having as much participation as possible over an extended time frame.


Q: What is a Stewardship Advisor?

Rather than serve as a traditional canvasser who calls on the members and friends of the congregation, we are equipping a smaller number of experienced members of the congregation to have on hand information about the programs and finances of Emerson to assist your decision making process when it comes to making a pledge. After you have selected an Advisor he or she will contact you.


Q: Who are Stewardship Advisors?

Sarah Boyd, Bill Hammons, Larry Huelbig, and David May


Q: Can I talk with Mark or Becky about my pledge?

Of course.


Q: How can I find out what I pledged last year?

Email: Karen Van Horn, Emerson Business Administrator karen@emersonhouston.org


Q: Whatever happened to the Fall Fellowship Dinner?

It still happens but its focus really is “fellowship” and not finances. It is also another opportunity to engage in conversation about the mission of Emerson and our capacity to have an impact on the Greater Houston Area.