emerson-helping-hands-logoEmerson Helping Hands is a new program designed to help us help each other. The idea is to facilitate meeting those short term physical needs that occur when a church member has surgery, a new child, experiences a loss, or any of the myriad of events that happen during our lives.

We are signing up volunteers to make that happen. We need to sign up members who are interested in being contacted via text or email when there is a need. Some examples of the kinds of things we will be doing for each other are: bringing a meal, providing a ride somewhere, or minor home repairs. The text will contain a link that will direct you to more information on the type of need and all the details and you can decide if is something you can help with and if so sign up. Keep in mind you don’t have to cook to provide a meal. Just the knowledge that someone else is bringing food and you don’t have to think about dinner is a major energy saver. After surgery, reaching up to change a light bulb can be counter indicated. It is our hope that although we are all so very busy, the use of technology here will allow us to reach in towards each other in times of joy and times of need.—Strengthening the bonds of our Beloved Community.

Contact the office for more information.